Stone Lea Darcy Girl, CGC, TDI

Photos of Darcy

Darcy was our beloved companion. Her signature L-shaped, broken tail kept her from the show ring, but she was a champion in many other ways. Darcy was an exceptional therapy dog, a star attraction every week at two hospitals where she comforted many patients in their final days, assisted others in their recovery and brought one woman out of a catatonic state. The woman was from Europe where her brother had Swissies. She recognized the breed and immediately began to speak and tell her life story while stroking Darcy.

Darcy adored babies and small dogs. She was an honorary member of our local Pug club, the only big dog welcome at their play dates and holiday parties. One of her favorite activities was herding the Pugs at the beach, keeping them out of the waves and bringing them back to their people. This was no small task as there were sometimes as many as twenty Pugs there.

Darcy was my therapy dog as well, comforting me in my grief during a difficult two year period when I lost my husband, my niece, my best friend and 16 other friends and family members and finally my mother and my favorite aunt.

Darcy died suddenly on a camping trip in Oregon after a swim in the lake and a visit with my toddler grandson. She will be forever missed until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.